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...the Honey & the Bee

My story begins as a full time 'Life-r--juggling a career, kids,  pets, committees, friendships, church, volunteering... the list goes on. 

In the middle of the craziness called life, I realized one constant was my passion for creating meaningful and beautiful events for all the groups in my life.

A little frustrated with mundane event production and lack of creativity in the area, I asked the question “Why isn't someone doing this better?” which led to “Why am I not doing this better?”  Through my years of volunteering and community involvement, I had both the 'know who' and the 'know how' to get this business off the ground. And so began HONEY & BEE.              

As my journey has unfolded in the industry of event design, I've learned that sometimes it takes a sweet person to get the job done and sometimes it takes a bold personality--hence the honey & the bee.  My ability to operate with the many vendors required to bring an event together with both a touch of honey and a sting (when necessary) has made all the difference.

I believe in creating unique, beautiful, and memorable events. I believe that my connection with vendors throughout Texas creates unparalleled possibilities for my clients. I believe in thinking outside the box. I believe in saying "Yes I can!" when new challenges arise. And most importantly, I believe in providing passionate service to each and every client as I bring their vision to life.


XOXO- Michelle